Student Activities Association (SAA)

University of Mississippi

Student Activities Association Executive Council

Executive Director

Brady Ruffin, Executive Director of SAABrady Ruffin

I am a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Clinton, MS. I have been a member of the Student Activities Association since my freshman year, and this organization has really shaped my Ole Miss experience.  People talk about the Ole Miss Family all the time and SAA has really made me feel like a member of the family. I have served as the Co-Director of Entertainment and Co-Director of Special Events in the past, and I am ecstatic to serve as the Executive Director this year. SAA assists in enhancing the overall college experience and I am honored to contribute in this capacity!  If you ever have any questions about SAA, please do not hesitate to contact me. Hotty Toddy!

Associate Director

Rosa Salas, Associate Director of SAARosa Salas

Hola y’all! My name is Rosa Salas and I am a Junior Art major and Education minor from Maracaibo, Venezuela. SAA is one of my favorite things on campus. It was the first organization I got involved with, the first student leadership role that I fell in love with, and the place where I found everlasting friendships. I am honored to be Associate Director of SAA this year after serving as a Special Events committee member and a Co-Director of Entertainment. I am beyond excited to serve the University of Mississippi by giving students a safe environment where they can enjoy a movie, a concert, a pageant or a parade, that can help them connect with other community members and with the Ole Miss family.

Co-Directors of Special Events

Austin Wood, Co-Director, Special Events

Austin Wood

Hey guys! My name is Austin Wood, and I am proud to say that I am one of the co-directors of the SAA Entertainment committee. I am a Pre-Med biology major, with hopes of achieving a minor in chemistry. Being from the small town of Greenwood, Mississippi, I have always been familiar with Oxford and The University of Mississippi. The Student Activities Association has exposed me to a completely different side of Ole Miss than the one I was previously familiar with. SAA has been amazing at emphasizing the many interesting, diverse, and hard-working personalities we have to offer here at Ole Miss, and has truly helped me grow as an individual. In a time filled with so much growth (and fun), I aim to serve the Ole Miss student body by bringing unique opportunities for making the most meaningful memories possible! I invite anyone and everyone to come out and see what SAA is all about. With many exciting, new additions to the University, let’s make this year special for us all! Hotty Toddy!

Co-Directors of Special Events

Ryoma Thomas, Co-Director, Special EventsRyoma Thomas

Hey guys! My name is Ryoma Thomas, and I’m a sophomore Mechanical Engineering major and Japanese minor from Madison, Mississippi. During my freshman year, I was a part of the Special Events Committee for the SAA. Through participating in campus events, I realized the importance of SAA. I found that with every event I began to feel more at home and connected, and these feelings lead to my desire to help make every student at Ole Miss feel as comfortable as I was when I first got to campus. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to serve as Co-Director of Special Events this year, and I will do my absolute best to deliver awesome events for all to enjoy! HYDR.

Co-Directors of Special Events

Laura Taylor, Co-Director, Special Events

Laura Taylor

Hey, friends! I am a junior Public Policy Leadership major and Intelligence and Security Studies minor from Strasburg, VA. SAA was the first organization I got involved with on campus in September of my freshman year and the first family I found here at Ole Miss. Constantly, when I casually ask a friend, “how’s your day going?” their immediate response is: “busy!”  It’s incredibly refreshing to be part of an organization that is able to provide this campus with moments of comfort, fellowship, and fun in an environment that can sometimes get to be too much. Serving first on the Special Events Committee and now returning for another year as Co-Director of Special Events, I am ecstatic to continue to serve in a leadership role that helps execute events for the students by the students. See SAA in action by joining us this year at an event or by applying for committee!


Co-Directors of Homecoming

Elizabeth Gunn, Co-Director of HomecomingElizabeth Gunn

Hey y’all! I’m a junior Hospitality Management Major from Birmingham, Alabama. I could not be more excited to serve as Co Director of Homecoming this year! Student Activities Association strives to create unique and enjoyable events for everyone. My freshman year I searched for a place to get involved and found SAA to be a an organization focused on making all students feel at home on campus. I did not anticipate to find such sweet friendships here too. SAA has given me a greater love for Ole Miss and its incredible people. Hotty Toddy and Happy Homecoming!


Co-Directors of Homecoming

Dugan Walker, Co-Director of HomecomingDugan Walker

I am a sophomore Public Policy and Leadership Major from Suwanee, GA. I joined the Student Activities Association my freshman year. As a member of SAA I have had the opportunity to ensure that every student has the opportunity to be a part of the Ole Miss Family. I served as a member of the Special Events Committee and currently serve as the Co-Director of Homecoming. I am looking forward to welcoming students, alumni, and the rest of the Ole Miss family to Oxford this October to participate in timeless tradition. This is going to be an amazing year for the Ole Miss community and I look forward to seeing everyone on campus this fall! Hotty Toddy!

Co-Directors of Pageants

Bradyn Eaves, Co-Director of PageantsBradyn Eaves

Hey everyone! My name is Bradyn Eaves, and I am a senior Communication Sciences and Disorders major from Madison, Mississippi. SAA is an organization that not only gives everyone a place to come together as a community, but it also provides numerous opportunities for the students here at Ole Miss. SAA has been a huge part of my college experience since my freshman year, and it has positively impacted my life in a great number of ways. I have served as a member of the Special Events Committee, and I am so excited to continue serving as the Co-Director of Pageants for the second year in a row. SAA is a wonderful organization that creates unity among everyone, and I am so grateful to be a part of it!


Co-Directors of Pageants

Kelsea White, Co-Director of PageantsKelsea White

Hey y’all! My name is Kelsea White, and I am a junior Accounting major from Paducah, KY.  I joined Student Activities Association my sophomore year on the pageants committee.  SAA has provided me with experiences and people that make me feel at home at Ole Miss.  This year I’m serving as Co-Director of Pageants, and I can’t wait to bring the pageants at the University of Mississippi into a new light.  I hope Pageants Committee and SAA as a whole help contribute to each students’ experience during their college career.




Co-Directors of Pageants

Landon Chapman, Co-Director of PageantsLandon Chapman

Hey y’all! My name is Landon Chapman, and I am a junior integrated marketing communications major from Brandon, Mississippi! I am beyond thrilled to serve as one of this year’s co-directors of pageants! The Student Activities Association was the first organization that I got involved with at Ole Miss, and SAA has since become my family. I served on the entertainment committee my freshman year, and I was a co-director of the entertainment committee my sophomore year. I cherish the memories and the friendships that I’ve been made as a result of being a part of the Student Activities Association. It’s been my honor serving the students of the Ole Miss family! Hotty Toddy!

Co-Director of Entertainment

Mary Eveleen Brown, Co-Director of EntertainmentMary Eveleen Brown

My name is Mary Eveleen Brown, and I am a Junior from Nashville, TN (Go Preds!).  I am majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications and have loved spending the last two years of my life in Oxford, MS. When I’m not trying to teach myself how to play guitar or eating nachos, you could find me in the SAA office.  The Student Activities Association has been a place where I have felt included and known, and I am honored to serve as Co-Director of Entertainment, so that I can help other Ole Miss students feel the same way. SAA has positively impacted my college experience, and I love watching this organization make students all over campus feel like they are part of a big family.


Co-Director of Entertainment

Dale Hall, Co-Director of EntertainmentDale Hall

My name is Dale Hall and I am a Biology major from Magnolia, MS. I joined SAA as a junior and served on the entertainment committee. After having such an amazing experience as a committee member, I am serving as a Co-Director of Entertainment. It is indeed an honor to provide activities for our students outside of the classroom and other organizations they may be involved in. I am beyond excited to see what the year has in store as we further integrate students into the Ole Miss community!




Co-Director of Entertainment

Sydney Mitchell, Co-Director of EntertainmentSydney Mitchell

Hello to all! My name is Sydney Mitchell, and I am a Sophomore Biochemistry major from Clinton, MS. This year I am pleased to say that I will be serving as one of SAA’s Entertainment Co-Directors. I served on the Entertainment committee last year as a Freshman, and it made my first year at the university an unforgettable one, providing me with friends and memories that will last a lifetime. I wanted to become involved with this unique organization because it is solely centered around serving the students at the University of Mississippi and providing an environment in which all types of students can gather together. SAA is full of people whose desire is to bring joy, fun, and inclusivity to the University of Mississippi, and I am honored to be a part of such a special family. I know that myself and every member of SAA would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about the role that we play on campus, so bring it on!

Co-Director of Entertainment

Reynolds Spencer, Co-Director of EntertainmentReynolds Spencer

Hey y’all. I am a Sophomore Accounting/MIS major from Nashville, TN. I served on SAA as an Entertainment committee member last year and am ecstatic to get to serve Ole Miss as Co-Director of Entertainment alongside Mary Eveleen, Dale, and Sydney! SAA has played a large role in shaping my short time here at Ole Miss, and I look forward to a great year ahead for Entertainment and SAA as a whole. We have a wonderful Executive Council who is going to work very hard to put on fun, free events for you, the student body.



 Co-Director of Public Relations

Michelle Nguyen, Co-Director of Public RelationsMichelle Nguyen

Hi pals! My name is Michelle Nguyen and I am a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Ridgeland, Mississippi. I am so excited to serve as a Co Director of Public Relations for SAA this year! I have been a special events committee member for the past three years. In SAA, I found fun events, memories, ever-lasting friendships, and an organization that made Ole Miss a home away from home.  What I love about SAA and Ole Miss is the sense of community we can bring to this campus and what we already have as an Ole Miss family. I’m here to help share what we have to make your Ole Miss experience special.



Co-Director of Public Relations

Dani Thomas, Co-Director of Public RelationsDani Thomas

Hey everyone! I am Dani Thomas, a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. I am serving as a Co-Director of Public Relations for Student Activities Association and this is actually my first year being involved with the organization. I am so honored to be a part of SAA because it brings so many people and backgrounds together to celebrate art, entertainment, and comradery. With my position this year, I am hoping to bring even more people together through SAA events and make the Ole Miss student body feel welcomed, loved, and the freedom to express themselves. The Ole Miss family means so much to me and I am so humbled to have the opportunity to strengthen that family within the coming semesters. Hotty Toddy everyone!