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Student Activities Association (SAA)
University of Mississippi

Student Activities Association Executive Council

Executive Director

Caroline Parnell

Hi y’all! I’m a senior hospitality management major from Batesville, Mississippi. This year I have the absolute honor of serving as the Executive Director of SAA! I have been blessed to work with the student activities association since my freshman year. It was the first student organization I joined and has been one of my biggest blessing at Ole Miss. SAA is a place where anyone and everyone is welcomed to come and connect with other students. I am so excited to work with our executive council to plan events for the Ole Miss family this year. I am forever grateful for this organization and the impact it has had on me. Hotty Toddy!

Associate Director of External Relations

Taylor Lampkin

Hello everyone! I’m Taylor Lampkin, a senior biology pre-med major from Terry, MS. I decided to get involved in SAA because I noticed how welcoming the committee members were to all of the students coming to events. I knew that creating events for all students on campus was something that I would enjoy. My freshman year I attended Ole Miss Idol and I was amazed by all of the talented singers that performed. I was apart of the entertainment committee for one year and decided to become a Co-Director for 360. I enjoyed committee 360 so much because we reached out to groups that need specific programming such as freshmen, transfer students, and International students. As Associate director of External operations, my goal is to partner with smaller organizations so that more students feel welcomed on campus. I look forward to seeing more diversity in upcoming events throughout the year. Hotty Toddy!

Associate Director of Internal Relations

Shelby Phillips

Hey Ole Miss! I am a senior from Hattiesburg, Mississippi majoring in Elementary Education. This year, I have the privilege of serving as Associate Director of Internal Operations. I got involved in SAA’s Homecoming Committee sophomore year, and I had the honor of serving as Co-Director of Homecoming my junior year. I love that SAA provides a variety of unique and creative events that appeal to all students. My favorite SAA memory is when I dressed up as Katy Perry to hand out corndogs before the LSU football game! My goal for this year is to assist in providing fun and inclusive events for all students by offering support to our amazing SAA committee members. Hotty Toddy!!

Co-Directors of Special Events

Shaelen Hudson

Hi! I am a sophomore biochemistry major from Marion, IL. I am so excited to serve as one of the Co-Directors of Special Events. I joined the Special Events Committee my freshman year and absolutely loved it! Attending SAA events were some of the highlights of my first year on campus. I am excited for the opportunity to be more involved with SAA and work with everyone on the executive council. I am looking forward to creating new and exciting events for everyone at Ole Miss to enjoy.

Keely May

Hi! I am a junior from Madison, MS majoring in Public Policy Leadership and Integrated Marketing Communications. Ole Miss SAA has in many ways shaped my experience here on campus. SAA provides an opportunity to be creative and plan exciting events for each and every student on campus. SAA events are how I have met so many of my friends today. I look forward to getting to play a part in planning some of the fun this year by serving in this role.

Parker Viator

Hi! My name is Parker Viator and I am a senior studying both Theatre and Music! I fell in love with SAA during my freshman year and I am so excited to be a Co-Director of Special Events for my senior year! Some of my favorite college memories have come from SAA and I am so excited to put on events that bring the community of OleMiss together. SAA events truly help nourish lifelong friendships, so come check us out! Hotty Toddy, Rebs!

Co-Directors of Homecoming

Daneel Konnar

Hey y’all! I am currently a junior majoring in Public Policy Leadership. I joined SAA my freshman year as a committee member for the 360 Committee, and then I was selected to serve as committee co-director for the 360 Committee. This school year, I will be serving as one of your co-directors for the Homecoming committee! I am excited to work alongside Emmaline and this year’s SAA team to ensure we have a fun-filled schedule for this year’s homecoming festivities. Without a doubt, the Student Activities Association has made an impact on my student experience, and I hope that by you joining a committee, it will do the same. Come out and enjoy our free events, and you’ll surely have a fun-filled time and meet great new friends!

Emmaline Schild

Hi! I’m a senior Public Policy Leadership major from Memphis, TN. This is my fourth year on SAA and I’m so excited to be serving as the Co-Director of Homecoming. I truly believe that SAA brings all students from all different backgrounds together as a whole and unites the student body to be proud of their university. I am excited to be a part of this and help plan events that bring together the student body. I hope you’ll come by one of our events and meet some friends!

Co-Directors of Entertainment

Lyndon Brown

Hey Rebs! I am a pharmacy major from Brandon, Mississippi, and I have been given the opportunity to serve as this year’s Co-Director of Entertainment. This organization has allowed to me make so many connections and has always made me feel welcomed. I am not only grateful to serve as the director of such an important organization on our campus, but I am also looking forward to planning and creating unique and inclusive events for you guys! Hotty Toddy!

Gabby Garofalo

Hi! I am a junior finance major from Houston, Texas. This is my second year being a part of SAA and love the organization so much. I am so excited to be a co-director for entertainment and planning and hosting events for all of our students on campus this year! Hotty Toddy!

Krystle Hughes

Hey Ole Miss family! I am a senior, Biology major with a chemistry minor on the Pre-Med track from Winona,Mississippi. This year I am serving as one of the Co-Directors for the Entertainment committee. This will be my second year being a member of Student Activities Association. I joined SAA because being a transfer student I wanted to get involved as soon as I stepped on campus, and SAA was the first organization that gave me my start with campus involvement. Throughout the past year, I have been so thankful for this organization and all the wonderful people I have met and different opportunities it has given me. Being able to serve as an Executive member is a privilege, and I am beyond excited to team up with the other amazing Executive members to continue to make Ole Miss an inclusive environment and present some new events for the students of Ole Miss. As always, Hotty Toddy!

Co-Directors of Pageants

Sarah Dufour

Hey y’all! I’m a senior from Madisonville, Louisiana majoring in Biomedical Engineering on the Pre-Med track! I am so excited to serve as one of the co-directors of Pageants for a second year! I cannot wait to plan our two pageants, Miss University and Parade of Beauties, because I love getting to see how they empower the women in our community. SAA has been an integral part of my college experience by both allowing me to serve as a leader and by bringing me some of my closest friends!

Carrol Trent Imbler

Hotty Toddy! I’m a rising junior, business management major with an entrepreneurship minor from Tupelo, MS. I have been fortunate enough to serve on the Pageants Committee for the past two years, and I am so excited to start my journey as Co-Director! The Student Activities Association is one of the first groups that every first-year student interacts with at the University of Mississippi, which is where I began my involvement with SAA. This organization has introduced me to so many individuals and I am so excited to see what is in store for each committee this coming year!

Co-Directors of Public Relations

Nick Foerstel

Hey there Ole Miss! My name is Nick Foerstel and I’m a junior studying Integrated Marketing Communications from St. Louis Missouri. I joined SAA my freshman year and was on 360 Committee. Then last year I served on exec as a Co-Director of Public Relations and can’t wait to do it all again this year! I love being able to assist in providing inclusive activities for ALL members of the University of Mississippi and can’t wait to see y’all at them. Hotty Toddy!

JC Hafley

Hey y’all! I am a senior Criminal Justice major from The Woodlands, TX. I get the privilege to serve as PR Executive this year with SAA. I joined SAA because it is a great connecting point for people who come from out of state like myself. SAA is all about fun and community which are two of the best things here at Ole Miss. Hope to see y’all this year and some of our events. Hotty Toddy!

Annie Miller

Hey y’all! I am a senior from Petoskey, Michigan majoring Integrated Marketing Communications and minoring in French and Business. I am so excited to serve as a Co-Director of Public Relations this year! I wanted to be a member of the SAA Executive Council to serve the student body in a way that is bigger than myself with intention and enthusiasm. Students look forward to these events, and building a sense of community is more important than ever. I have the privilege of working with some of the best people I know this year. I can’t wait for you to see what my amazing team is working on, and don’t forget to follow @OleMissSAA!

Co-Directors of Campus Traditions

Chance Davidson

Hey Rebels! I am a Junior from Meridian, MS majoring in Exercise Science (Pre-Med). This will be my second year working with SAA and first year working on the Executive Council! Whether its Rebel Run, Silent Disco, or the spring concert, SAA is a great way to engage with people at campus through fun events! I look forward to working on the executive council this year and seeing everyone at our events! Hotty Toddy!

Jalisea Finch

Hi! I’m a senior at Ole Miss from Jackson, MS, majoring in Psychology. This year I will be one of the Co-Directors for the Campus Traditions committee. SAA has been the biggest highlight of my experience at Ole Miss, making sure students have a place they belong. I can’t wait to be a part of creating experiences for the student body that will help them grow as individuals and enjoy their time here. SAA is dedicated to serving the students. Our goal is to create a space where students of all different backgrounds can feel safe and enjoy themselves. Make sure you guys come partake in all we have to offer!