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Student Activities Association (SAA)
University of Mississippi

Student Activities Association Executive Council

Executive Director

Daneel Konnar

Hey, y’all! I am a senior from Meridian, MS majoring in Public Policy Leadership. I have the amazing opportunity to serve as the Executive Director of SAA this year. As Executive Director, my goals include building new partnerships with other student organizations, offices, and departments on campus to build collaboration among our campus partners and working to partner with small businesses in the Oxford community. SAA has a fantastic platform and chance to provide inclusive, fun, and accessible events for our student body, and I am always excited to explore new opportunities for our students to engage with our organization. I am so thankful for our hard-working co-director leaders who design and execute weekly events for our student body. Without a doubt, the Student Activities Association has made an impact on my student experience, and I hope that it does the same for you! As the Executive Director for SAA, I will always be committed to promoting and providing fun, memorable events for all of our students at The Flagship. Come out and enjoy our free events, and you’ll indeed have a fun-filled time and meet great new friends. Hotty Toddy!

Associate Director of External Relations

Nick Foerstel

Hey there Ole Miss! My name is Nick Foerstel and I’m a senior studying Integrated Marketing Communications from St. Louis Missouri. I joined SAA my freshman year and was on the 360 Committee, now known as Campus Traditions. Over the last two years, I served on exec as a Co-Director of Public Relations and now serve as the Associate Director of External Operations! I love being able to help facilitate inclusive activities for ALL members of the University of Mississippi and can’t wait to see y’all at them. Hotty Toddy!

Associate Director of Internal Relations

Gabby Garofalo

Hi! My name is Gabby Garofalo, and I am a finance major from Houston, Texas. I am honored to be serving as this year’s Associate Director of Internal Relations for SAA. SAA has been such an amazing experience for me, and I can not wait to work hard this year to put on awesome events and activities for our Ole Miss community. Hope to see all of you at an event this year!

Co-Directors of Special Events

Shaelen Hudson

Hi! I am a junior biochemistry and business major from Marion, IL. I am so excited to serve a second year as one of the Co-Directors of Special Events. I joined SAA my freshman year and can honestly say it has been one of the highlights of my Ole Miss experience. SAA has allowed me to meet so many people from all across campus and make lasting memories and hope to help SAA do the same for all students. I am looking forward to creating new and exciting events for everyone at Ole Miss to enjoy!

Keely May

Hey! I am Keely, and I am a senior from Gluckstadt, MS studying both Public Policy Leadership and Integrated Marketing Communications. This will be my third year on SAA and my second year serving as a Co-Director of Special Events. Some of my favorite Ole Miss memories have happened at SAA events, and I have so much fun getting to plan these events for other students to hopefully make some great memories as well! I look forward to a year full of silent discos, carnival rides, and Santa on the Union Plaza! Hotty Toddy!

Jakota White

What’s up! I am a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Gulfport, MS. This is my second year with SAA and I am elated to serve as a co-director of Special Events! Since my first semester here at the university, I’ve seen SAA bring people together like a few other things on our campus. Hoping you all can be a part of that. Hotty Toddy!

Co-Directors of Homecoming

Ryan Augustine

Hey y’all! My name is Ryan Augustine and I am a sophomore Allied Health Studies major from Madison, MS. I have the privilege to serve as the Co-Director of Homecoming for this school year and could not be more excited! I joined SAA because of the community I found serving on the homecoming committee last year. I aim to help foster an environment where community is embraced not only within the homecoming committee but with the student body at our events. Come swing by our events this year and see what connections you can make! Hotty Toddy!

Taylor Jones

Hi y’all! My name is Taylor Jones I am a senior from Clinton, MS majoring in exercise science and minoring in recreational therapy on a pre-physical therapy track. I have been a part of SAA since my sophomore year and have the pleasure of serving as the Co-Director of Homecoming this year! Something we pride ourselves in on SAA is that events are put on for students by students, so we want to make sure that the student body feels welcome and can enjoy their time at the university. My best friends and sweetest memories were made at SAA events such as goat yoga or silent disco, and I hope that through the events we plan this year you will be able to do the same. Hotty Toddy and hope to see you all at an event very soon!

Co-Directors of Entertainment

Colin Kennedy

Hey guys! My name is Colin Kennedy, and I am a sophomore Biology major from Starkville, MS. This year I have the privilege as serving as the one of the Co-Directors for the Entertainment Committee! I served on SAA last year as an Entertainment Committee member and had so much fun meeting new people and hosting events around campus. When applications opened for executive positions, I knew immediately I wanted to apply. I’m looking forward to working with everyone and cannot wait to see what this year will hold! See y’all at the spring concert!

Kresha Patel

Hi! My name is Kresha, and I am a senior International Studies major from Ridgeland, MS. I am so excited to serve as Co-Director of Entertainment for my senior year and be able to provide incredible events for all students to enjoy! I joined SAA because of the disconnect I felt with Ole Miss after studying abroad and joining SAA helped bridge that gap, making me fall in love with the University even more than when I left! My favorite SAA event is Union Unplugged which happens on Thursdays from 12:15 pm to 1 pm on the Union Plaza! I hope y’all come check it out! Hotty Toddy & Go Rebs!

Co-Directors of Pageants

Haley Cote

Hey y’all! I’m a junior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Madison, MS. This is my third year being a part of SAA and my first year as Co-Director of Pageants. SAA is such an integral part of the Ole Miss campus, for it allows students of all backgrounds to come together and enjoy each other’s company outside of academics. Whether I’m enjoying free Snobiz on the Union Plaza or watching my best friend compete in Parade of Beauties, SAA makes me so thankful that I chose Ole Miss as my home. I can’t wait to see what this year holds. Hotty Toddy!

Carrol Trent Imbler

Hi! My name is Carrol Trent Imbler and I am a senior studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship! I fell in love with SAA during my freshman year, and I am so excited to be a Co-Director of Pageants for a second year! Some of my favorite college memories have come from SAA and I am so excited to put on events that bring the community of Ole Miss together. SAA events truly help nourish collegiate and lifelong friendships. We hope to see you at one of our events! Hotty Toddy!

Co-Directors of Public Relations

Taylor Little

Hey y’all!! I’m a senior IMC major from Hernando, MS. I have served on an SAA committee for 2 years and this year I get the privilege to serve as one of the Co-Directors of PR. To me, SAA is the glue that holds Ole Miss together and has always been that happy place students from everywhere can come together and meet a new friend. I am so excited for this year with SAA to make so many new friends and have so much fun! Hope to see y’all at our events, Hotty Toddy!

Chandler Tucker

Hey y’all! 🙂 My name is Chandler Tucker and I am a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major from Vicksburg, MS. I absolutely fell in love with the Student Activities Association during Welcome Week my freshman year. This organization allows students to truly be themselves and have fun! I was on the Special Events Committee when I was a junior and I absolutely loved it. This experience is what encouraged me to apply for exec, and now I serve as the Director of PR. This opportunity has been such a blessing and I cannot wait to capture all of the happiness that these events bring to the students! Hotty Toddy!

Blake Williamson

Hey! I am a sophomore chemistry major from Nettleton, MS. This is my second year in SAA, and I am excited to be a Public Relations Co-Director! I love SAA because our elite events are free for all students, no matter who you are or where you come from, and our work on committees and exec really just seems like fun! Big things are happening this year and I cannot wait to meet y’all! Hotty Toddy!

Co-Directors of Campus Traditions

Chance Davidson

Hi! My name is Chance Davidson and I am a senior from Meridian, MS majoring in Exercise Science with a minor in Chemistry. This is my second year to be a co-director for Campus Traditions and I am so excited to see everyone again this year. My favorite SAA event is Rebel Run! I joined SAA so I could become a part of an organization that makes Ole Miss such a special place and meet new people that would challenge me to become my best self. I have meet so many amazing people through this organization and have made great memories that will last a lifetime. I can’t wait to see what events we will be hosting this year and cant wait to see everyone have a great time!

Anne Marlowe Gremillion

Hi! My name is Anne Marlowe Gremillion and I am a sophomore from Alexandria, Louisiana studying Forensic Chemistry on the pre-med track! I fell in love with SAA during my freshman year serving on campus traditions. I’m so excited and honored to now serve as a Co-Director! SAA gives students the opportunity to make genuine connections with other students from all different backgrounds and walks of life while participating in fun activities. Stop by our next event to see what we’re all about first hand! Hotty Toddy!