Student Activities Association (SAA)

University of Mississippi

Judging Criteria

Interview:  (25%) – This is an opportunity for the judges to learn as much as possible about you – the qualities and attributes you possess that are characteristic of Miss University; your knowledge and understanding of your platform issue and your ability to articulate your platform; your opinions and aspirations; knowledge of local, national, and world events and political issues; your sense of accomplishment, confidence, personality, poise, presence, and attractiveness. Professional business attire should be worn!!
Interview Format:  10 minute interview; 30 second closing

Talent:  (30%) – Your talent must not exceed 90 seconds.  This phase of the competition provides an insight into your preparatory and performance skills.  Talent selection and performance distinguishes the contestant’s personality and skills, interpretive ability, quality of the talent presented, stage presence, technical skill level (execution, technique, synchronization, control), and the totality of all elements (including costume, props, music, voice, and choreography).  All talent must be approved by the director.

  • Talent presentations must be conducted live on stage and not through the use of projection. This does not preclude the use of taped background music as long as you, yourself, are performing live.  Taped accompaniment must be on CD.  Regardless of the type of talent, background music cannot have voices, instruments, or other noises which mimic the talent of the contestant.  (Example:  A vocalist may have background vocals with “oohs and aahs” or other background lyrics, but cannot have a tape with a voice singing the melody line for the contestant to sing along.  The same would apply for instrumentalists, dancers, and any other talent which could provide for an unfair advantage if a judge cannot delineate from the talent on the track versus the live performance of the contestant.)  The talent presentation is limited to ONLY the contestant.  For example, a contestant cannot have a pianist play while the contestant sings.  Additionally, a contestant cannot have a partner in a dance presentation.
  • No talent is allowed to repeat during the competition (Same music/song cannot be used by different contestants). The first contestant with completed application requesting a specific song will reserve that song for competition.  In case of duplication, the second contestant will be notified that a different selection must be made.  The only exception to this rule:  A singer can sing the same song in which a dancer is dancing.

Swimwear:  (10%) – This part of the competition is designed to see how well you maintain a lifestyle of good physical health.  The contestant’s drive, energy, charisma, and expression will be factored into the criteria for scoring.  A one-piece or two-piece swimsuit may be worn.  The color and style of the swimsuit is your personal choice.  If a wrap is worn on stage, it is to be removed during judging.

Evening Wear:  (15%) – Contestant will be judged on overall first impression; sense of confidence; personality and stage presence; walk, posture, carriage and grace; sense of style and appropriateness of evening wear; beauty, sense of attractiveness, and charm.

 On-Stage Interview:  (20%) – You will be asked one on-stage question (30 seconds).  This part of the competition is designed for the contestant to make an on-stage statement of her interests, opinions, and aspirations.  It is recommended that you wear the same attire from your interview.

The outcome of the pageant is based solely on the scores from the overall competition.